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-runner mitt romney is scheduled to arrive in the bay area just a few from now -- a few hours from now. romney is expected to arrive at redwood city this afternoon for a fund-raiser at the sofitel hotel. purk the event is -- hotel. the event is being hosted by meg whitman. rick santorum won 49% of the vote and half of louisiana '20 delegates. romney garnered 2% of the vote and five delegates. a bay area fund-raiser will be held on thursday at a private home. tickets for that event range from $125 to $2500. >> there's more outrage across the -- >>> there's more outrage over the shooting of trayvon martin. a lot of people showed up for a rally led by jesse jackson and al sharpton. members of the aclu attended. the 17-year-old was shot a month ago today by george zimmerman. he said he was acting in self- defense and his lawyer denies any racial motivation for the shooting. >>> a total screamout here is set to support this hour to show support for the slain teenager. christien kafton is live with more. >> reporter: that screamout now underway. organizers started showing up just about a half an hou
at 6:00 tonight. >>> mitt romney picked up a major endorsement today as he looks to lock up nomination for president. jeb bush says he's backing romney. in a statement this morning, bush says it's time for the republican party to unite behind the former massachusetts governor. romney won last night's primary in illinois in a field of four major candidates. romney has half of the delegates needed to win the nomination. rick santorum has 236 delegates. nit has 135 and texas -- newt gingrich has 135 and ron paul has 50 delegates. >>> today, new hampshire lawmakers are due to vote on making their state the first to repeal a gay marriage law through legislation. the bill would rescind a two- year old law legalizing same- sex marriage in the state. it would restore a law that allows civil union but not marriage. new hampshire's governor has said he will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. >>> tomorrow, a same-sex couple from orinda will face a judge on deportation charges. last year, brian willingham and alfonzo garcia were married in new york after living together for ten years. then a si
. he told the crowd mitt romney is "uniquely disqualified to beat president obama." this is just one of about 20 appearances that santorum has scheduled for today. romney is also crisscrossing the state and he's telling supporters santorum does not have the ability to help fix the nation's exe. >>> romney is thanking volters after an overwhelming win in puerto rico's primary. he won all 20 delegates. while campaigning there, he said if elected president, he will not the -- require the island to become a state. and while they can vote in the primary, they cannot vote in the presidential election in pore tee rico. >>> romney has 521 delegates, santorum has 253. newt gingrich trails with 136 and ron paul has 50. 1,144 delegates are needed to secure the republican nomination. >>> a broker water main is finally turned off in menlo park. but the cleanup continues. >> the pipe broke just before 3:00 this morning. paul chambers was there on our 4:30 newscast and has more information about service. >> reporter: cleanup begins in this menlo park neighborhood after a 16-inch water main broke t
. obama's approval ratings have gone down. >>> mitt romney has been on damage control following a comment that suggested the gop presidential front runner could reset his campaign like an etch a sketch. comment by romney's communications director has triggered stinging responses from his critics who say he is a politician capable of shifting positions. romney says that the comments were misinterpreted and he was a conservative republican governor and will be running as a conservative presidential nominee. >>> and women's groups protested in washington, d.c. romney plans to cut fund for planned parenthood. the protesters chanted we will remember in november. >>> a french suspect was gunned down after a fierce gun fight with police. investigators say that 23-year- old muhammad merah was shot in the head as he jumped out of his apartment window. he was wanted in the death of three french paratroopers, three jewish school children and a rabbi. the gunman first barricaded himself inside a billing. police tried to force merah to surrender peacefully. >> and then at the end, mm jumped from the w
primary elections. a big focus is on ohio. in canton today, mitt romney took aim at president barack obama. >> he's failed with regard to our jobs. he's failed with regards to the definite si. he's failed to bring americans together, to bring washington together. he is out of ideas. he is out of excuses. in 2012 we got to make sure he's out of office. >> rick santorum also campaigned in ohio today at a rally in miamisburg. he said he is someone with a different vision for america than mitt romney. >> someone who is willing to go out and talk about all the issues that are confronting this country. all of the issues, not just how we'll manage the economy better. this country is more than just the economy. >> a new poll shows mitt romney has gained momentum over rick santorum in ohio. mitt romney leads rick santorum 34% to 31%. it does represent a ten-point shift from last week when rick santorum had a comfortable lead. >>> a total of 419 delegates are up for grabs in ten states tomorrow. the lion's share is in georgia with 76. ohio has 63. tennessee has 55, virginia 46, oklahoma 40. massachu
the witnesses. >>> republican front runner mitt romney picked up a key endorsement today from wisconsin congressman paul ryan. in the latest poll, rick santorum trails mitt romney by 7 percentage point. and also this week, romney picked up an endorsement from former president george h. w. bush. >>> news that the state officials have okayed the recall election against governor scott walker. if necessary, a democratic primary will be held may 8th. only two recalls have been successful against two u.s. governors, california governor davis in 2003 and in west virginia >>> and president will attend a fundraiser in vermont and then a concert. >>> first lady michele obama begins a visit tonight in northern california. she will attend a fundraiser at the university of san francisco. ticket prices for that event start at $1000. >> tomorrow, the first lady will atent dedication of the new u.s. coast guard cutter in alameda. this lovely woman that you see here is 100-year-old l. c. larkin who will be a special ge. she was part of the first generation of women to join the coast guard. during world
to get it on the campaign ballot. back to you. >>> republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, is picking up more high-profile endorsements. today, former president herbert walker bush will publicly endorse romney as his choice for the republican nomination. and mar key rubio also endorsed romney. that happened last night. rubio has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate. >>> rick santorum will be in the bay area in a few hours. he is due to deliver what his campaign calls a major foreign policy speech in fairfield. that's at the jelly belly factory. they are a major supporter of conservative causes. arthat, there -- after that, there will be a $1,000 a head event. and he will attend another fund- raiser in alamo tonight. >>> president obama.commed on congress to a -- to repeal the tax subsidies. >> it's not as if these companies can't stand on their own. last year, the three biggest u.s. oil companies took home more than $80 billion in profits. >>> the president said his administration has presided over an unprecedented increase in domestic oil production. h
was the brewer -- bruce willis cake acter -- character. >> reporter: mitt romney is tied with rick santorum in ohio. >> it's gut-check time. who wants it the most? what do you say? [ cheers ] >> reporter: rom nip has been -- romney has been riding a wave of victories. on saturday he pick up the win in washington and he's expected to win in vermont and his home state of massachusetts. >> this really is a -- it's a critical time for the country. it's not just about names on the ballot. it's an election about the course for america. >> reporter: ron paul has yet to win a single state so far but that could change today. he's been courting the moderate vote in alaska and idaho. >> a lot of people, whoever they favor, hope this wraps up within the next month or so because president obama is not getting a challenge. >> reporter: not all candidates are competing in all states. in virginia, newt gingrich and mitt romney failed to get the required amount to be on the ballot. back to you. >>> an overnight chase injured a crash in san francisco's bayview district. it happened at 11:00 last night near h
the state narrowly. >>> republican front-runner mitt romney bolstered his delegate count yesterday in the super tuesday presidential primaries. he still does not have enough delegates to seal the nomination. he won six of the ten seat sat super tuesday states. rick santorum won three states. newt gingrich won his home state of georgia. ron paul failed to come in first in a single state. >>> these are pictures of mitt romney's motorcade leaving the marriott hotel in the boston suburbs. he had just given an interview with cnbc. last night both mitt romney and rick santorum celebrated their victories. >> we're counting up the delegates for the convention. it looks good. we're counting down the days until november. >> we went up against northerly us odds, not just here in ohio where who knows how much we were out spent, but in every state. >> rick santorum was scheduled to campaign in kansas today. newt gingrich planned to be in alabama. >>> tax increase showdown, the two tax proposals governor jerry brown is coming out against. >>> a live look outside, breezy weather is continuing tod
in the u.s. territory ahead of the primy there saturday. rick santorum still trails behind mitt romney in delegates, but he says the surprise victories in mississippi and alabama yesterday show that he has what it takes to take on president barack obama this fall. >> we nominate moderates in this party, we lose. we nominated people who stand for what our principles are that made this country great, we win. >> mitt romney came up third in both states. he did pick up wins in hawaii and american samoa. newt gingrich campaigned hard in the south but failed to score a win. rick santorum sorning him to give up. >>> a series of strong earthquakes rattled japan overnight prompting a small tsunami. the first one a 6.8 magnitude quake hit at 2:00 a.m. our time. that was followed by a 6.1 quake about 60 miles off the coast of tokyo. a swell of just few inches was seen along the coast. there are no reports of any damage. >>> a college dorm webcam spy case is now in the hands of a new jersey jury. the judge gave jurors instructions earlier today in the trial of former rutgers student dharun ravi. h
defending the law. and republican presidential candidates mitt romney and rick santorum in louisiana are calling for the health care reform to be repealed >>> and why the clock is ticking to keep b.a.r.t.'s system in good condition. >>> and we'll hear how much rain to expect and for how long. >>> you will hear from some bay area dreamers hoping to strike it rich from a really big jackpot. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >>> there is an alert for drivers about a major bridge closure in the near future. cal tran plans to shut down the entire dumbarton bridge over the memorial day weekend. the closure will allow crews to complete a major part of the bridge'
, d.c., alison burns, ktvu news. >>> in our political watch, mitt romney continues his swing through california with a breakfast fund-raiser in stockton. protesters held signs and rallied outside this morning's fund-raiser. supporters said $1,000 a plate to attend the 500-seat breakfast. rival rick santorum is scheduled to bring his campaign to northern california with fund-raising events in both alamo and fairfield on thursday. >>> the parents of trayvon martin are expected at a racial profile hearing on capitol hill today. they are not expected to testify. about their -- but their attorney is among the witnesses. we're also hearing more details about martin's death. there are reports that gary zimmerman told police that he was walking back to his vehicle when martin attacked him. gary zimmerman said he was trying out for help as martin smashed his head on the phone. martin's family says it was the teen screaming for help. >>> a man was stabbed outside of his office in menlo park last night. sources say the victim was stabbed multiple times outside his office on alma near the cow st
with the gop's conservative base. if mitt romney wins it will show he has the broad base of support needed to win. but rick santorum says it's not over yet, he says he will be the one to triumph voters in the southern conference. >>> the labor department says employers posted 3.4 million job opens in january-- openings in january. that's down from the previous month which hit a 3 1/2 high. job openings help describe the demand for labor. job seekers could see hiring continue at a healthy pace. >>> and some of those job hunters are in fremont. jukeky speier is hosting a free job hunters' boot camp. tara moriarty is live there with more. any chance people could see a job opening? >> reporter: well, jackie speers is here and people signed up to get a crack at brushing up their interview skills. about 40 companies, including home depot, comcast and target have set up booths here and are actively hiring. >> there's so many people still unem.ed -- unemployed. you can hear it from the people who have gotten the education who want the jobs. >> reporter: the majority of job seekers are over the ag
is not right about a traveler sitting next to you, let them know. back to you. >>> mitt romney something stompping for votes in mobile, alabama. two voters show him in a virtual tie with newt gingrich. in tomorrow's primaries in alabama and mississippi. rick santorum trail by 12 points. today he's campaigning in biloxi, mississippi, where he says energy is becoming an increasingly critical national security issue. last tuesday, he scored super tuesday wins in oklahoma and tennessee but the recent polls show he has to work hard today and tomorrow to keep his southern momentum alive. >>> a terrible shooting incident has strained relations between the u.s. military and the people of afghanistan. hear the latest from a ktvu reporter who is in afghanistan. >>> the rain is returning. rosemary's predict ships for -- predicts -- predictions -- rosemary's predictions are up next. >>> the taliban is vowing revenge for the killing of 16 civilians, including nine children in afghanistan. an army sergeant recently deployed to afghanistan allegedly left his base and shot the victims in their homes ne
of several primaries next week in the deep south. mitt romney held a townhome meeting in jackson mississippi. he's behind in the polls there. mississippi and alabama appear to be two states where rick santorum and newt gingrich can make up ground in the race. rick santorum was at a rally in mobile, alabama, scoring two southern wins on super tuesday, and is hoping for two more in mississippi and alabama. they both have called for each other to drop out of the race in order to unify the conservative vote. >>> a new poll finds consumers are fed up with rise in gas prices and want the government to do something about them. according to the gallup poll an overwhelming number of consumers, 85%, say president obama and congress should take immediate action to keep a lid on prices. after nearly four weeks of daily price increases, regular gasoline averages $3..76 nationwide, higher in the bay area, where the average price is $4.40 in san francisco. >>> already that time of year again where we spring forward to daylight savings time. standard time ends and daylight time begins at 2 a.m. sunday morni
romney, may be poised to widen his lead to a vict any illinois -- victory in illinois. he hopes this will hand number a fresh burst of momentum and end the increasingly-bitter battle. 54 delegates are at stake there today. santorum found himself on the defensive after making comments yesterday that his campaign does not hinge on unemployment rates. he later conceded that the economy is important but his candidacy is about something that transends that, saying it's about freedom. >>> new toll lanes made their debut today. tara moriarty joins us with the traffic sent -- from the traffic center. tara? >> some say there are still some kinks that have to be worked out, the way it affects people's a driving. the lanes are on highway's 237 and run through 880 in milpitas. we hit the new toll lane eastbound on 237 this morning near zanker road. the more congested the roadway is, the higher toll you pay. the cost today was nearly $2. one chp officer told us he responded to three accidents along the four-mile stretch along the toll lanes just this morning. >> we noticed a lot of high- spe
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